Naama Rivlin-Angert  

  Ph.D. Candidate | Political Science | Tel-Aviv University  

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Hi there! My name is Naama Rivlin-Angert, and I am a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Political Science at Tel Aviv University. 

My research interests include political behavior, political psychology, public opinion, and political communication, and combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies. My Ph.D. dissertation focuses on the processes of deconstruction and destruction of existing political identities. It claims that when political identity becomes the object of political delegitimization, members of the political group will renounce and denounce their now illegitimate identity. The study aims to highlight one process in which, for political reasons, political actors try to manipulate an individual's political affiliation by attaching negative symbolic labels to political identities.

In addition, I am a researcher at the Israeli National Election Studies institution (INES), and was part of the ISF-funded Center of Excellence "Looking beyond the Crisis of Democracy: Patterns of Representation in Israeli Elections".